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Technical Specifications

Principles: SF Cube* method to count WBC, 5-part diff and NRBC DC impedance method for RBC and PLT Cyanide free reagent for hemoglobin test

*S: Scatter; F: Fluorescence; Cube:3D analysis

Parameters: 37 Reportable parameters (Whole blood)

29 Research parameters (Whole blood)

7 Reportable parameters (body fluid)

11 Research Parameters (body fluid)

2 Histograms for RBC and PLT

3 Three-dimension scatter grams: DIFF,WNB,RET

5 Two-dimension scatter grams: DIFF,WNB,RET,RET-EXT,PLT-O

Throughput: Up to 110 samples per hour (CBC+DIFF)

Up to 65 samples per hour (RET)

Up to 40 samples per hour (Body Fluid)